Twin Throttle Body (TTB) Controller

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  • Replaced by 2TB Controller that can be setup to function identical to the TTB controller, but with a ton more features.


The OZMO Engineering Twin Throttle Body (TTB) Controller is an electronic control unit designed to facilitate running a secondary throttle body on off-road engine applications. The TTB controller will read the signal from a “master” throttle body throttle position sensors and drive a “slave” throttle body to the exact same throttle position.

Positioning of the slave throttle body is accomplished through Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) control. This allows the controller to be used for any manufacturer throttle bodies that use 5V throttle position signals. Motor frequency can also be controlled to match the OEM specifications of the throttle body.

The controller will “read” the voltage signals from the master throttle body, but will not draw current. This means that the ECU driving the master throttle body will not “see” the OZMO TTB controller or the slave throttle body. As such, all signals sent to the master throttle body by the ECU (e.g. cruise control, traction control etc.) will be mimicked by the slave throttle body.
Safety features of the controller include:
• Error count when slave throttle body is >5% out of position
• Shutdown of slave throttle body if error count reaches 100errors
• Degradation of error count over time
• Output ground signal for shutdown indicator or ECU integration (fail safe)
• Over voltage protection

Note that this controller is designed for non-vehicular engine use only. As engine throttle control is an important part of engine function, it is recommended to fully test the user installed wiring and functionality in all environments in a stationary engine application.

1 review for Twin Throttle Body (TTB) Controller

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve been using the Ozmo Engineering TTB controller for well over two years now on a daily driven vehicle.
    It is used with two OEM Chrysler throttle bodies atop a 6-71 supercharger on a Gen3 Hemi engine utilizing all the OEM computer controls.
    This unit has worked flawlessly over roughly 50K miles of driving.

    Hats off to these guys for a top notch product.

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