1000HP Twin Turbo HQ Holden

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We’ve all got one mate who has the fastest or angriest car in the group, and so it was for Greg. One day, he decided enough was enough: “I thought my mate’s twin-turbo V8 Commodore needed some competition, and I had an HQ sitting in my mum’s field for a few years,” he explains.

The 6.0-litre LSX block has been stuffed with a Callies crank and rods, with Arias pistons pushing the cubes up to 427ci. CNC-ported heads from Mast were used, fitted with heavy-duty pushrods, 1.8-ratio T&D shaft rockers and topped with that awesome OZMO Carbon Fibre intake manifold that inhales through a billet 102mm Nick Williams electronic throttle.

Read the full write-up in Street Machine Magazine: https://www.streetmachine.com.au/features/1609/1000hp-twin-turbo-lsx-hq-holden

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