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1000HP Twin Turbo HQ Holden

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We’ve all got one mate who has the fastest or angriest car in the group, and so it was for Greg. One day, he decided enough was enough: “I thought my mate’s twin-turbo V8 Commodore needed some competition, and I … Read More

Porsche M14x1.5-R14 Stud kit

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Just made a custom set of studs and lugnuts for a customer. These use our standard tooling for forged Torx-head studs and M14x1.5 lugnuts. Don’t be fooled by lower quality Ti fasteners – look closely at the surface finish and … Read More

Desi’s ’69 Twin Turbo Camaro

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Below is some progress on Desi’s ’69 Twin Turbo Camaro with a fuel injected 427 LS and an OZMO XS3 carbon fiber intake. The build is being completed by Campbell Auto Restoration & High Performance Center  

715rwhp/583rwtq NA!!

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We continue to see big numbers when feeding these engines with twin 90mm OEM TBs. Cunningham Motorsports C6 Z06 made 715rwhp/583rwtq NA on e85 using our twin TB controller …and a few other goodies  

Record Setting LS3

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John’s LS3 ’68 Camaro just put down 528rwhp/462rwtq with only a cam and OZMO XS3 intake manifold. That result has to be close to a record for a cam only LS3. Great job John, and glad you are happy with … Read More

1949 Buick Super Sedanette

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The wider spacing of the LS7 ports allows us to extend the runners to build multiple configurations of the RS7 manifold: 1. RS7 with short, high flow runners 2. RS7-LR with long runners and 90mm or 102mm LS TB 3. … Read More

M14 Lugnut Tooling

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We now have a new forging for M14x1.5 Titanium lugnuts thanks to Gene organizing a group buy over at Camaro5 forum: http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=347889&page=4 These have 15% longer threads compared to OEM nuts and save significant rotating mass

Custom Manifold

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Stop by our SEMA booth# 21725 to check out our latest development: This single plane, equal-length runner LS manifold can be used in two configurations: with a front entry TB in the OEM location (using a patented removable intake tract), … Read More

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