M12x1.75 Conical Lugnuts

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Specifically designed and engineered to reduce rotating mass for race vehicles. Suits all vehicles with a 60deg. seat angle and M12x1.75mm threads. e.g. Volvo

These are not regular billet machined 6-point Titanium nuts, but our own high-strength 100T forging of 6AL-4V Titanium with a 17mm 12-point head. Fully CNC machined after forging to ensure high accuracy threads and concentric seats.

Wheel nut material comparison:

Grade 5 Alloy Steel:
Yield Strength: 92,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 120,000psi
Shear Strength: 72,000psi
Density: .284 lb/in3

7075 Aluminum:
Yield Strength: 73,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 83,000psi
Shear Strength: 48,000psi
Density: .102 lb/in3

Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium:
Yield Strength: 128,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 138,000psi
Shear Strength: 79,800psi
Density: .160 lb/in3

The minimum required wheel port is 26mm (outer diameter of these nuts is 23.5mm).

Other important information:

Use Permatex Anti-Seize on the threads and seat to prevent galling. This Anti-Seize typically requires a 30-40% reduction in torque, but it is important to test for your particular application using turns of the nut method.

These wheel nuts are for off-road use only and the design has undergone testing on track vehicles in racing conditions (including drift and circuit racing). Do not use an impact wrench to tighten. OZMO cannot guarantee against galling due to incorrect lubrication during assembly, thread damage due to worn/damaged studs or damage due to over-torque or incorrect installation. Wheel nuts are to be professionally inspected before and after each installation and discarded if any damage or out-of-spec thread tolerance is observed.

2 reviews for M12x1.75 Conical Lugnuts

  1. raymondh310

    Fast transaction, high quality and precise torque instructions included. Thanks

  2. ur-330i

    Fantastic product! Super light weight and look great! They are perfect.

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