Standalone DBW (2TB) Controller


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The OZMO Engineering 2TB Controller is a standalone electronic control unit designed to facilitate running either a single or dual DBW throttle bodies (TB) from a 0-5V signal. The 2TB controller will read the signal from an OEM TB or a foot pedal position sensor and drive one or two throttle bodies to a programmable throttle position.

This controller is also replacing the OZMO TTB controller and can be setup to run either one or two additional TBs on applications that are running an OEM ECU and TB. The controller will not be detected by the OEM ECU and will deliver additional airflow, similar to adding a larger single TB, but without the idling issues. The secondary (slave) TB can be tuned to either mimic the OEM TB, or be programmed to have progressive opening with RPM.

The controller has inputs for temperature, A/C and RPM to provide idle control for various engine conditions. Progressive control of the TBs is possible using a programmable 2D lookup table for RPM and foot pedal %. This allows for small throttle movements at low RPM for excellent off-idle control. It can also act as a throttle modulator at high RPM to close down the TB as target RPMs are achieved (e.g. drift applications or RPM limit control)

The controller will “read” the voltage signals, but will not draw current. This means that if an ECU is also connected to the pedal sensor or primary TB, it will not “see” the OZMO 2TB controller.
Safety features of the controller include:
• Error count when slave throttle body is >5% out of position
• Shutdown of slave throttle body if error count reaches a set maximum
• Degradation of error count over time
• Output ground signal for shutdown indicator or ECU integration (fail safe)
• Over voltage protection

Note that this controller is designed for off road engine use only. As engine throttle control is an important part of engine function, it is recommended to fully test the user installed wiring and functionality in all environments in a stationary engine application.


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